Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tattoos For Girls

Tattoos For Girls heart is considered to be the symbol of love, and heart tattoo attach its meaning to romantic love. Many girls go for a heart tattoo with the name of their lover written across it. Heart tattoos for girls come in different shapes, colors and patterns, with each reflecting a different meaning.

Tattoos For Girls 2011

Girls Tattoos

 Girls Tattoos Star tattoos are one of the oldest symbols and are given an important position both in the field of science and most of the religions too. As it holds a supernatural meaning, star tattoos have become a very popular tattoo idea for girls.
Girls Tattoos for 2011 
Hot Girls Tattoos design 

Back Tattoos

Back Tattoos tattoos are also a very good and popular choice for upper back tattoos. Animals tattoos which can be depicted on the upper back include tiger tattoo designs, leopard, lion tattoo design, wolf tattoo designs, dolphin tattoo designs, etc.
Back Tattoos for women 

Tattoos Designs

Tattoos Designs is the third sign of the Zodiac of those individuals born between 22nd May to 21st June. Typical Gemini traits include intelligence, wit, versatility and communication. Gemini individuals are also easy to get along with and can turn into perfect party animals

Tattoos Designs for women 

Chest Tattoos

Chest Tattoos tattoos are very popular tattoo designs for men, because they are majestic and at the same time also beautiful. Many people opine that no other bird is able to capture the pure essence of freedom better than an eagle. Normally eagle tattoos are done in Native American motifs or in military motifs. 

Chest Tattoos 2011

Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder Tattoos Fish tattoos are very traditional tattoos which have still managed to retain their popularity. This type of tattoos for shoulders are known for their unique looks, beauty, charm and their inseparable association with legends of China and Japan.

Shoulder Tattoos Star tattoos, the Tribal Tattoos are the most loved shoulder tattoos for guys. The Celtic Design tattoos, Egyptian tattoos, Maori tattoos, Polynesian designs, Haida design tattoos, Japanese tattoos, Hawaiian tattoos and Samoan tattoos are the various ranges of the Tribal Tattoos which suit many people. 

Rib Tattoos

A rib cage tattoo is the best tattoo a guy can get on his body. But before going for a rib cage tattoo, first decide the exact placement of your tattoo. A rib cage tattoo can be sculpted just on one side of the rib cage or on both sides. Or one can even go for a rib cage tattoo such that a tattoo on the back connects the two tattoos on both sides of the rib cage. Choosing the tattoo design may solve your query of tattoo placement. 

Tattoos for men are those, which contain bold designs and colors. Given below are some of the suggestions on male rib cage tattoos. 2011

 A rib cage tattoo design should be selected such that, it suits ones body shape and size. You also need to select the placement of the tattoo design on your rib, since, rib cage is a very large area. You can go for symmetric or mirror image design on both sides or only on one side. 

Tiger Tattoos

Tiger Tattoos tattoo designs are also hugely popular due to the variety in form and pattern. Tribal tattoos were first believed to be in honor of the Sun Gods and were achieved quite by �accident�. Primitive tribes were known to use body paints or scar their bodies to have some form of body markings and attain a spiritual level.Tiger Tattoos
mans Tiger Tattoos design of 2011

Rib Cage Tattoos

Rib Cage Tattoos you have decided to get a rib cage tattoo, it is time to search for some rib cage tattoo ideas. The design of the rib cage tattoo largely depends on the part of the rib cage you choose for tattooing. Since, rib cage covers a larger area, you have too many options to explore. 
Rib Cage Tattoos for girls 2011

Tattoos Back Piece

Tattoos Back Piece girls get butterflies of various sizes tattooed on one side of their back which looks very stylish. But, make sure these are of the same color, else they'll look very unattractive. The size of butterfly tattoos on back depends completely on your choice. If it is part of other designs, you have to decide the size properly to maintain the balance.
 If butterfly tattoos on back are the main element of the entire design, you can have them larger in size than other elements

Body piercing pictures

Modern Body piercing is on top of the facial piercings list because, it is the most common and popular facial piercing. An eyebrow piercing catches one's attention immediately. This is the latest fashion of attracting attention to your eyes! Eyebrow piercing is said to have been first done by an American tattooist. 

You can experiment a lot with eyebrow piercing as the position of the stud is not fixed. You can have it anywhere on the brow. piercing pictures 

Body tattoos for women

Latest Body tattoos Wrist tattoos are inked in the form of bracelets and bands. It can either be a string of letters or some symbols representing one's persona. Click this link and get to know the details about wrist tattoos for women.women

Lower back tattoos extending up to the waistline look gorgeous. A huge design covering the back is one of the best forms of body art to flaunt. Check out the designs for lower back tattoo designs for women.

Body tattoos for men

Body tattoos a lot of options in small tattoos for men. Guys can choose a motif from popular tribal tattoo designs, zodiac sign tattoos or even the Celtic design tattoos for their piece of body art. You can have Celtic band tattoo designs in fine strokes which can work well for your arm, wrist or fingers. men and Women . 

Body tattoos for men 2011

Body tattoos for men


Goodbye old henna armband and hello flowers and mist.  The magnolia and trilliums are very light flowers and should pop out of that darkness nicely.  Also, the butterly will lighten up quite a bit.  
Next time we'll dial in the shading on this side, then to the other arm to cover the matching armband...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So I have been pretty resistant to doing any merch for a while, but I relented and did a small batch of shirts.  Initially I just wanted to make a few special ones to bring with me to Las Vegas as gifts for my friends, but the screen printer had a minimum order I had to fill so I have a few extra (only a couple dozen total, and the girl shirts are already gone).
I didn't want it to look to "computery" (i.e. a soulless logo), so everything is hand drawn and the lettering is my attempt to make an old work wear label or fruit crate sticker and give it a psychedelic/Japanese twist...
They are American Apparel shirts and a bit of a richer grey in real life.  At the shop now for $20, or I'd be willing to mail one out for $30 anywhere in the US.
Not sure if I'll be making any more shirts in the foreseeable future...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nouveau Wild Ginger

Client: I want a simple wild ginger plant on my arm from the elbow to the shoulder but with a sort of art nouveau look to it.
Me: Sure, how about this?

Blue Phoenix

Basically finished this time...
Still a few spots to dial in here and there, and we need to decide how we'll finish the eye, but this is pretty much it.  
There's been a little time off here and there, but she's been getting tattooed once or twice a month for about a year.  Congratulations to her for her achievement.  Getting a tattoo this big is not easy, but she did it and should be very proud.

Body Suit

Another Tuesday, another couple hours of tattooing.  This has become quite the ritual for both of us.  I think it's good to maintain this relaxed but steady pace.  We're not over doing ourselves or rushing, but always moving forward and staying with it.
Getting pretty close to outlining the dragon on the other side...

Chrysanthemum/Koi Leg

Nice two hour or so session on this one.  Everything went in very smooth considering the areas we were working on...
As always, he sat eerily well and showed no signs of discomfort.  It definitely helps me knowing the client is relaxed and calm.  I totally understand that is not always possible and admire folks that show such fortitude.
Really looking forward to finishing this flower then moving on up to finish the leg.  He's had some great ideas and all his color and design choices have been spot on.  Definitely a serious tattoo collector with a great understanding of the art and process...


This was on a client that I haven't tattooed for a few years.  Had a nice time and the tattoo went fairly smooth.  I also always enjoy doing birds so this was a fun one (and this has a very small old fashioned key and lock in the talons if you didn't notice...)
Sounds like maybe filling in the rest of this arm next...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dios de los Muertos Lady and Roses

Finished up the shading.  Still have to add another rose at the top and maybe another down below?
Will also try to get a good picture after everything is healed and lightens up...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Koi and Water

 Started this one the other day.  Got the outline on in about 2 hours I think.
Wanted to go for a bit bolder on the water and outer edges of the fish, and a bit more delicate in the scales and fins.  I think the contrast reads pretty well (strong yet graceful was the idea).
Still have to add a little more water to line then we'll shade all of it grey and bright warmer colors for the koi.
The sketch at the top is what we actually worked off of.  Been trying to tattoo off of sketchs as opposed to 100% inked in line drawing sometimes...