Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sometimes drawing a tattoo on the skin can be the only real way to make it fit properly, but man it sure makes it trickier as well (especially when the client tells you they have "very high expectations" of you)...
I've been doing a bunch of work on her lower arm (jungle scene) and did that lion on her back years ago, but she's always mentioned wanting a large chrysanthemum on her shoulder.
The other day seemed as good as any to go for it.  I do a lot of flowers, and especially "Japanese" ones, but never ever tire of it.  It's an interesting thing to try and free up your mind and have something flow and feel natural, while at the same time having it be a very technical and focused process.
I'll be adding the leaves and starting the color next time...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Mucha

So this is the next lady on the Mucha sleeve I started a while back.
I think I mentioned it before, but I really love his work and am compelled to reproduce it as close to the original as possible.  Sometimes translating very fine line work from a print to a tattoo doesn't really work so well, but I think we squeaked it out on this one.  It was difficult (and a little scary) to do something so delicate and complicated on the forearm, as any glitch would be very obvious.  I'm especially relieved that the face worked out.  I'm not exactly sure, but it's probably the size of a dime or so.
Another Mucha muse on the back side of the arm coming soon (then background)...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tattoo Designs Hearts

Tattoo Designs Hearts
Heart tattoos � wear your heart on your sleeve.Okay, so that sounded lame, but heart related tattoos have been popular since the beginning. Why? Because we want our tattoo to be something special and what is more special than something that represents your heart, your innermost you?

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Tree of Life Tattoo Designs For Women

Tree of Life Tattoo Designs For Women
many Tree of Life tattoo designs are in the shape of a circle or oval. The trunk of the tree is in the center of the design, while the branches bow downward and the roots curl upward to form the overall shape. Because there are so many Tree of Life images and stories worldwide, there really is no wrong way to do a Tree of Life design. Branches, trunk, roots. Everything else is up to the artist.

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Snakes Tattoo Designs

Snakes Tattoo Designs
The snake is one of the most iconic images in tattooing both in modern and ancient cultures alike, and as such snake tattoos have been quite popular for many decades.
Snakes were depicted in art long before humans even had a written word, so it is no wonder that they remain such a fascinating form of art today.

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